Sunday, August 5, 2012


I've been busy this summer but that's no excuse for the pitiful lack of blog posts and writing in general on my part. I don't know, I lost the muse for awhile, I guess. Working 53 hours a week for the past six weeks has taken a toll on my imaginative musings. When I have free time, I feel less like writing and more like vegging out, watching tv or playing video games. 

But ah well, nothing to do but move on, correct? Recently I posted some pictures of a forest walk I took in Vermont in the spring, which was actually pretty great. The woods felt familiar, almost comforting. I remember running through those woods as a child, following paths and cutting across trails pretending that I was being chased by monsters or bad guys or other silly things. It wasn't all fun and games though, I remember stepping on a rusty nail in bare feet and bleeding everywhere. I remember tree forts built and now fallen apart, football games in the big grass field and of course, the stump pit. The stump pit is a pit full of stumps. So I took this walk relatively recently just for fun. It was a perfect day with the sun shining and a cool wind blowing. I passed the pond that we never swam in, I heard a woodpecker peckin' wood. I passed crumbled stone fences that hadn't changed since I'd first seen them as a child. I passed the spot where an old blue car had used to rest for awhile, my brother had gotten it stuck there while off-roading with it, his argument for that being that the car was dying anyways, why not have some fun with it? I remember seeing plants growing inside it and vines growing up the sides before my dad had finally removed it. I walked the four mile dirt bike trail my father had created and curated over the years. I walked through a desolate paintball field, filled with forgotten bunkers and failing scraps of once-great forts. I remember the intense game we played, two teams, running at each other, firing paint balls, formulating tactics and getting splattered with paint. The walk was pretty great. I'd suggest a good walk in the woods to anyone and everyone. Who knows what you'll find? Maybe nothing at all, and that's fine too. Check here for a few pictures: Walk In The Woods 

What else have I done? I wrote a short short story a week or two ago. Just some spur of the moment flash fiction. I had a picture of a big crane and discovered an experience, a story and wrote it down. It's right here:  The Crane 

Other then that? I'm working on writing an outline for my novel which I know, is usually what people do before they write the novel but I'm doing it after. It should help me figure out where to add the new scenes that I need, and help me rejigger all the crap in the second half that really needs some work. Rejigger is a fantastic word, by the way, I recommend everyone uses it more often. 

Alright, I'm off to foment some chaos. And yes, foment is a real word.