Monday, February 3, 2014

Taking A Break

I'm taking a break from this blog. Between spending time with my girlfriend, working, going to grad school, a somewhat-social life, brewing beer, and struggling to write -anything-, blogging is just something I can't devote much of my time to. I find myself, when I have time to write anything at all, trying to come up with an interesting blog post rather than working on any of my writing projects, trying to keep a schedule of posts which only demotivates me, the longer I go between posts, so I end up not writing a thing at all.

So I'm taking a break. When I have time to write, I'm just going to focus on other projects, rather than this blog. Posts may continue to come, far and few between only when I'm feeling particularly inspired or just come up with a random bit of flash fiction to throw up here, who knows. It just won't be a priority, which, from the infrequency of posts lately, you could probably tell it wasn't anyways.

I'll be back! When there's more time, when I am farther along in other projects and I feel like talking about them, I will come back to this place. I guess I'm not sure what this blog is for, exactly. There's far too many "how-to" writing blogs with various tips and tricks and bits of advice. I need a better idea of what this place is, what it's for, and what people might actually want from it. Maybe I should actually consider what my audience would like to see here, and ask them.....Nah, that's crazy talk.

Regardless, this is it, and it may be it for awhile. Who knows? Stuff's happening. I need to focus on school and work and getting myself into a career rather than just having a job. Thanks for reading what I put down here, and hope you will return when I get back into it.