Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Back to Writing and POETRY

I'm back, writing and biting
I admit, it feels exciting!
Not here simply to boast,
But dropping a poem on this blog post,
Cuz it's April, national poetry month,
Try to rhyme with month, I'm sunk,
I know it's a little late,(April 30th)
But let me try to relate,
Why poetry's not crap,
It truly gets a bad rap,
"Sappy and semantic",
"Lovey-dovey and pedantic",
But poetry is force,
It's a workhorse,
Words bringing emotion on a page,
Sometimes spoken on a stage, 
Called silly or stupid,
"Words from a Hallmark cupid",
By those who can't see,
No pop songs or rap without poetry,
Tupac wrote poems along with his raps,
Trying to get out of a life filled with traps,
The famous Frost worked a farm,
I'm not trying to raise an alarm,
Just trying to show poetry a little love,
Trying to give you a little shove,
To go read some poetry, if just for me,
Fast and raw, or slow and melodious,
I'm certain you can find something you won't find odious,
Write some of your own, take language and have fun,
Describe life, a tree, a mountain, the sun,
Read it out loud, be proud and show' em,
Even you can write a poem.

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