Friday, August 12, 2011

So I'm going to be a bouncer

Yes, the title is true. I'm going to be a part-time bouncer. Actually, they don't like to use the word bouncer, as that immediately makes people think of 'bouncing' people aka busting skulls, as the manager put it, so technically, I'm going to be Front-Door Personnel, or in other words, I will be working The Door. It is quite a thing, this Door that I will be working. There are two Doors actually, I believe, the front and side door. Perhaps after many weeks of working the Front Door, I will yearn for something different, something new and exciting, and maybe then I will work the Side Door. I guess then I would be Side-Door Personnel. It's all rather confusing and complicated, in that it is in fact, completely simple. Who knows. It is a job, employment, even if only part-time. We will see what happens.

I had an interview for a teaching position. Finally. Someone looked at my resume and cover letter and actually thought, hey maybe this guy could teach stuff to kids or something. It's for an after-school program, and the title is actually Teaching Assistant, but hey it's something. Something to give me much-needed experience  and interaction with students. It's also quite close to where I'm living, so that's nice too. Did it go well? Who knows? She had a few tough questions, about specific situations where I could not reply with teaching experiences as I have no teaching experiences, but I managed to use other experiences in work and life for answers. I interjected with specific questions to do with the school, and showed that I had done quite a bit of research on the school online, which is a good thing. I also wore a hot, uncomfortable suit, which made me look very professional. It would be very cool if I got this job, as I could very well likely keep this and the Door Personnel position, giving me two decent part-time jobs, with which maybe I could pay for rent, utilities, car insurance, and school loans. Blurgh.

I've been watching the show Louie, which is great, though in ways different than other shows are great. It's funny, of course, having been created by Louis CK who is hilarious.

Classic Louis CK

Even though it's funny, it's also many other things. Louis CK seems to love making his audience uncomfortable. Yes, watching this show will make you uncomfortable often, it shows awkward situations just a little too long, and it makes you feel so terribly bad for the main character who often gets humiliated, makes an ass out of himself, and generally does dumb things, all the while just being a regular joe who does stand-up comedy. It's not a show that makes you feel good, or happy, or even satisfied. It will often leave you going "Wha....Did that really just happen?" You will laugh often, and feel terrible about it. I love it.

I'm reading Catch-22, because I never have, and I hear things about it. I can't really remember what I heard about it, other than it is a book, that people have read, and they liked it maybe? It's interesting. It's funny, and a tad wacky. It's a book about war and the ridiculous nature of it, by being, itself, ridiculous. It's good. Read it.

So there it is, things going on in my life. I am also living with my girlfriend which is going great. I just hope I can begin making some money so I can pay rent and stuff.

To end it, here's more Louis CK.

Being Broke

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