Friday, February 1, 2013

Writing Like A Madman

I've done something foolish. Crazy. Insane. Committed myself to something I can't honestly hope to succeed. 2500 words a day in February. That's almost 1000 more words a day than I wrote in November and November is my most (if not only) productive month of the year. I can really churn out the words in November because I throw myself into it, writing every spare second I have, and barely make the quota as it is. Now, well, now I'll just have to try harder, writing writing writing. Writing anything and everything that I can. See, that's the only good part about this deal. What I write can be anything. Doesn't have to be one continuous novel, doesn't have to be the sequel I worked on last November, it can be anything. Blog posts, short stories, new novels...hell, it could be essays on the contemporary novels of America if I wanted. I can do anything.

Which is great. I've never really tried to use the Nanowrimo system of writing for anything other than novel-writing but it seems like a good idea to really get me cooking, if you know what I mean. It will force me to churn out words to such a degree that maybe I'll actually finish the story ideas I have in my head. Like the cyberpunk concious-swapping secret agent story, or the couple-in-a-new-house horror idea that's been lurking in my brainpan for awhile. I can do anything. And churning out 2500 words? I'm going to be writing stories, finishing them like crazy and working on new stories. The best part? I can write blog posts about the whole experieince and those words will count too. Hey, maybe I can actually beat Nate for once. We'll see.

So I'm going to write like a madman for a month and see what happens. I guess one hard part will be decided what to work on first. I'll just have to pick something and run with it because I don't have time to dillydally or argue with myself. Just get up and go. Sometimes, that's a really good attitude to have. Sometimes, you just have to try the impossible to see how close you can come to achieving it. We'll see how much of my sanity remains in tact on March 1st.

Good luck and good writing. (PS. 398 words down so far)

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  1. Hey, quite an undertaking, good luck!