Sunday, April 28, 2013

Introduction and Update

This blog is a journal, a podium, a place for thoughts and rants, ravings on part-time writing for no money, posts on fiction and life, shitty jobs and meandering my way through my early twenties, figuring out just what I'm going to do with a bachelor's of english, how to get a teaching job, which graduate program to apply to so I can more easily acquire a teaching job...etc.

Over the years, it's become a catch-all for whatever I happen to be thinking about, sometimes with regular scheduled posts once a week, and other times whenever I happen to feel like it. I finally changed the title recently, and found out there was almost a 100 viewers the other day. That was surprising. I figured I might as well write an update on my life and my writing and what this blog's all about then. 

I'm on my third or fourth edit of Blood and Ashes, a novel I wrote two or three years ago now. This time, I'm completely adding a new character into it that I feel should be there, and cutting out some weird relationship that feels forced. There are times when I wonder if this novel will ever be 'complete'. Will I just keep coming with new ideas to make it better? I know it will never be perfect, the question is will I ever stop trying to make it perfect. I think after this pass through, I will send it to a few beta readers and barring any enormous errors, the only things left to fix will be little things. As much as it has changed since the first draft, I think it's all for the good. 

The question after it's done is how to publish it. Self vs traditional. I'm leaning towards Self-publishing because generally it's easier, I can market it on my own in my free time, and since I'm not expecting my writing to support me, it doesn't really matter how much money I make. Anything I make will just be extra, on the top after my normal job. Traditional, I'd have to send it to traditional publishers and wait for months on end to hear back, and maybe get an agent and who knows what all. Anyways, this question can come later, once the book is finished. (if ever.) 

I'm getting an itch to work on new things though, or rewriting old ideas. I really like the idea of starting a serial story and adding a chapter a week, or every other week. It'd give me something concrete to work on every week, new and fresh. Right now, a supernatural mystery has been brewing in my head, a mixture of an old half-done novel and other half-baked ideas. It sounds fantastic in my brain. Now to just get it down on paper. That's the problem with most creative ideas, isn't it? Getting the work started, getting it done. Putting thoughts down on paper. But that's what this blogs all about. Write first and figure it all out later. Get going and figure out the specifics on the way. 

So that's what this is, I guess, to any and all newcomers. A place to write and talk about writing, among whatever other random subjects and things that come up. Feel free to come back or not. I'll be here, writing whatever I feel like. 

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