Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good news, bad news

The good news is I've been accepted to Graduate School, finally. I applied two months ago and received an email today stating I'd been accepted. It feels good to finally know. I'd sent numerous emails and called and barely received any word back. Three weeks, I've been waiting to hear any word back. Well, now I know. I'm excited but not as nervous as I expected. I'm ready for what comes, ready to learn, ready to be back in the classroom as a student, for a little while, ready to become more than a paraprofessional. Feels like I'm finally taking a step forward, no longer stuck in a perpetual limbo of not knowing how to proceed. I guess, sometimes, when you don't know what to do, you just have to do something. Just do it. Stop thinking about so many things and just make a decision already. Do something. You'll learn something, you will gain something out of it, you just need to take a step and go for it, whatever it may be.

The bad news is I might have inadvertently broken our television, which my girlfriend paid for, with the christmas present I gave her...It sucks. My whole idea was to get a blu-ray player and blu-ray movies because we had a bunch of dvd's we could no longer play after my xbox stopped working. We'd lamented the fact that we couldn't play anything on our tv. She especially likes owning a copy of movies she really loves, and the fact was there was no point in buying any more movies or tv shows since we wouldn't be able to watch them. So, I thought a blu-ray player would be perfect. I was looking at Samsung because our tv was samsung and we generally liked the company, I suppose. I hemmed and hawed, having a couple on my amazon cart, never pulling the trigger, still wondering if this was a good gift idea, when I saw a bluray player for a good deal on another site. I thought of it as a sign, and ordered it.

We had our christmas and tried to watch a movie. An hour in, the tv turned itself off, then back on. THen it did it after five minutes, then after 60 seconds, etc. We disconnected the player, but the tv continued to have problems, turning off randomly. So far, we've tried everything we could think of and anything we could find online and nothing's worked. The choice is to have service done, which because the tv is out of order, could cost hundreds, or purchase a new tv, which would cost 7-900$.

It absolutely sucks.

Something I purchased to give someone happiness has now become a sinkhole for hundreds of dollars. It fucking blows. The past couple of days have not gone as I'd hoped. I wanted to be able to watch our movies on our tv, and now we can't watch anything on it. And it's essentially because of me.

What's worse? She got me something awesome, a google chromebook that I absolutely love. I guess she totally wins in the gift-giving department. She gave me an amazing laptop for writing, I spent money and broke her television. Woohoo.

But, you roll with the punches, right? When life gives you lemon, you make lemonade. When life breaks your tv, you....read, I guess? I don't know. Keep on keeping on.

Shit happens, though, and you just have to deal with it. That's life, that's the way things are.  Just gotta do something and move on.

Take the bad with the good, I suppose. That's all, for now.

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