Sunday, August 3, 2014

Making a Schedule

This blog has been slacking lately. I can blame it on being busy but we all know that's simply not true. It's something we writers tell ourselves to make us feel better about not writing, meanwhile our stomach tightens up and we get a bad taste in our mouth, the ideas in our head always growing, held in chains in our mind until unleashed on the page.

I have to write. I need to get these ideas down on paper. I came up with a plan. A schedule to keep me motivated, deadlines to force my hand, organized lists to keep the chaos within me ordered. Three posts a week. Monday will be about my current project, where I'm at, what problems am I having, how it's coming along, etc. Wednesday will be a writing grab-bag. Could be about writing in general or specific aspects or someone else's post on writing or whatnot. It will be something to do with the craft of writing but not specifically about my current project. Friday will be fiction, either a section of something I'm working on, some off-the-cuff flash fiction or short story, something like that.

I also set up a 'writing room' in what used to be our 'storage room'. It still has all the things we stored, but now it has a foldable table set up with an old crappy chair, the idea being, if I have a desk and a room to write in, it will help me concentrate more than being on the couch in the living room with access to my gaming computer and television right in front of me. So far it's working. I think just having a separate space for writing just helps set your mind right on what you are going to do. The room is quite bare at the moment but maybe that will change. I can spice the place up a bit in the future but whatever, it works for now.

I now also own a journal, a place I can scribble down notes whenever I feel like it, a little book of ideas I can turn to when I need to, or use to hold my random thoughts at random times. It's handy and I can use it at times when it's not practical to use a computer.

Three changes, a journal, a place to write, and a schedule. These will keep me on track. Now, you may be wondering when the writing begins. The first post of the new schedule will be up tomorrow, Monday, August 4th.

*cracks knuckles*

That's when this thing really begins.

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