Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Week

I guess I gotta post something, because it's Sunday, another week another blogpost, right?

I saw something strange today. I think, sometimes there are very surreal moments, just an odd thing you notice, a moment where you think huh, that is strange, I have never seen that before. Not things that change your life or anything that dramatic, just things that make you scratch your head a little. I saw something like that today.

I was on the green line subway train, heading for park street when I realized there was a man standing behind me, who was rather odd. Now, usually, this isn't that strange. I have taken the subway many times now, and you will usually find some unusual looking fellows, but this guy wasn't a bum or anything like that. He was wearing signs all over his body, signs that proclaimed Jesus as the savior, confess your sins or burn in hell, praise jesus or suffer eternal torment, messages like that, you know, you've probably seen a religious fanatic like that on television if not in real life. If he had been ranting and raving in the streets, then that would be pretty normal, and I wouldn't be talking about him on my blog at the moment. What he was doing, was quietly standing along with everyone else on the train. He flipped through a bunch of little jesus cards he had in his hands, fiddled with the clasps on a sign here, or a sign there. I couldn't help but wonder, was he going home? Would he walk into a house, pull off the signs as his wife asked him how his day of condemning heathens had gone? Was he homeless? Was he merely on his way to his next area of attempted conversion? I guess what was odd was he seemed like any other man going home after a day of work, only his work clothes consisted of religious messages and such rather than his business suit or workman's clothes. Perhaps this guy just liked to do some preaching on his days off, though if he was so gung ho about Jesus, shouldn't he be preaching in his own neighborhood, friends and neighbors rather than taking the green line elsewhere?

So yeah, I thought it was strange, odd and funny, one of those things that you kinda just shake your head at. A religious guy I would expect to be ranting and raving was quietly taking the train just like everybody else.

Nanowrimo is nearly over and my novel is not that close to completion. I am close to 50k though, so I am quite certain I will succeed. Afterwards...well, the novel needs alot of work, rewriting, editting, scenes added in, etc. I am now wondering whether I will let people read it before I do some work on it or not. Part of me wants to, to see what people think, but another part of me, a part that always holds me back from letting people read my writing. The fact is that it truly does need work. You can't write something 50 thousand words long and get everything right the first time. So that is the problem I'm considering right now. We will see. By next Sunday, November will be over. I plan on continuing to write every day, hopefully a thousand words a day if not more. I'm hoping of coming to a decent ending of the novel maybe a week or two in December. I do not know, we will see.

I just finished American Gods by Neil Gaiman. It is pretty good, bringing mythic Gods into Modern times and doing a good job of it. It is a little crazy and the amount of mythology within is rather astounding. The ending was also quite good, and it is definitely not a predictable book. I would recommend it.

That is all, a short post, no doubt. But there it is.

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  1. Man, I know what you mean. My novel is filled with inconsistencies, missing scenes, notes in the margins that are like "THIS MAKES NO SENSE" and people who die like four times (because each new scene I find a cooler place to kill them). It's gonna need some serious edits before it's even close to readable. We'll have to wait a week or two before actually trading novels.