Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's Sunday and I Need to Write More...

Sunday again, so here's another blogpost. It'll likely be a short one though, as I'm falling behind in my novel so I need all the words I can get. 

Last night was the Kareoke Mustachio Bashio party and it was fun. Unfortunately, I drank too much. I was one of those too-drunk guys I shake my head at when I'm bouncing. Though I don't party very often anymore, when I do, I sometimes drink too much, and it's something I need to work on. I've said I will drink less but maybe I haven't taken it seriously enough. The truth is I would've had alot more fun if I had just had a couple drinks instead. Drinking to get drunk really isn't as fun as everyone seems to think it is. But ah well, it's a problem I need to face and work on. So there it is. 

In other news, nanowrimo is in full effect and up until this weekend I've been doing pretty well. I think I need to write a couple thousand words tonight to stay on track which I'm pretty sure I can do. It's alot of fun, crafting a story and putting out as many words as I can. So far I'm still in the prologue of my epic fantasy novel. It's coming along well and I'm mostly happy with it. Current wordcount: 7501

I've also heard one of my brothers has started writing a story, which I think is very cool. I enjoy hearing about other people writing and their ideas. Apparently he's come up with a cool sci-fi setting, so I look forward to reading it at some point. 

I guess I have more readers than I thought, so I've decided that perhaps I'll swear a little less, basically only when I feel it is appropriate to whatever I'm talking about. Someone told me to keep my reading audience in mind, which I think is good advice. 

I know I haven't been doing any 'Writing on Writing' exercises lately, but I have recently read two books on writing, one by Dean Koontz and one by Stephen King. Both were good, but in different ways. Koontz's wasn't really about being writing 'better', but specifically about how to write good marketable genre fiction. It's focus is on being marketable, writing for the market and basically making money. Some might say oh writing for money is lame or selling out or something, which is simply stupid. If you can make money by writing, then you can spend much more time performing that act that you love, writing. Koontz points out how to write in each genre, and talks about plots, settings, and characters, as well as the different things each genre needs to be that particular genre. I liked it, it was very informative. 

King's was very good as well, I actually liked it better. It was more about being a better writer but the way King goes about it is very interesting. He writes about how he became a writer, and gives some general advice about writing. I enjoyed it alot. Both books have very sound advice for writers.

Aghhhh, I need to get back to work on my novel. Need to jot some words down, so this is the end of the post. 

Time to write. 

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