Monday, April 23, 2012

Finishing Things Is Hard

I haven't written a blog post in forever, I know. My whole Sunday schedule is way out of wack and I apologize. I've been writing a story. As I get closer to the end of pieces of writing, the more I find ways to delay finishing them. Endings are hard. I get nervous that I won't know how to finish it or maybe once it's finished, I'll have to start the unfun process of editing or the more unfun process of showing it to the world.

But I did finish it. It's there, it's done, it exists. And I'm going to put it on my blog. Bam! You get to read it, ridicule it, critique it. Hopefully enjoy it somewhat. I think it's a funny little take on silly noir hard-boiled detective fiction.

So, read it, enjoy it.

I am creatively exhausted at the moment so this blog post is going to be short. I should write a long one soon, maybe even a doozy of one, as they say. Anyways, that's all folks.

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