Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Real Life

You can only do so much. You can plan and strategize and monopolize the free time you get. You can grab bits and chunks of writing time here and there in spare spontaneous moments. You can establish a daily writing habit and continue it for days, weeks, months, years. You can write hundreds of blog posts ahead of time and schedule them to go up at the right time.

And still, real life will get in the way. You will fall behind. It happens. Shit happens. You have to deal with it. If real life rears its big ugly head, thats okay. Let it. Do what you have to do, try to forget the nagging sensation of 'Oh I need to be writing' and try to enjoy the bumps and situations real life throws your way.

I don't mean it as something bad will happen, though it will. Bad things do happen, but that's not always what will get in the way of writing. Just as often, it will be good things, going on vacation, spending time with friends or loved ones, etc. As said before, have fun while it lasts, then, as soon as you can, get back on your horse and write like hell.

If it is Something Bad, then you need to deal with it, writing can take a backseat. Do what you need to in your real life before you delve into your imaginary one.

Basically, I'm writing this post as a poor excuse for not getting in my monday blog post on time. Real life got in the way, in a good way. Sometimes it's best to just let it. Get back in the saddle when you can.

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