Friday, January 16, 2015

Progress (Week 2)

So far, so good. I have been finding getting up at 5 am every weekday is tough at times and may simply not be something I can do every morning. Still, There's only been two or three mornings I haven't gotten up at 5 to write. There have been a few times I've gotten up early but been distracted and not gotten any writing done. I need more discipline or some other system for avoiding distractions. Perhaps turning off the internet or something similar.

Even still, it's going well. I've written 6752 words this month. I've written three blog posts with more ready to come down the pipe. More work completed on my Nano novel, though it's a slow process.It's still extremely difficult to make myself write in the afternoon after work. Not sure how I can change that, maybe giving myself some reward if I write? Something to think about.

Current Daily plan/schedule/goals: (percentage of success)

-Wake up at 5am to write: 90%
-Write Anything: 95%
-Work on MTEL Textbook for Grad School: 90%
-Write two tweets: 80%
-Read Mistborn: 98%
-Read Kickass Writer: 80%
-Read Wonderbook: 75%
-Pullups (2x6)


-Write blog post: 100%
-Write tumblr post: 100%


-Write flash fiction piece: 100%(Check Wonderbook Wonderings Chapter 1 to read first one)

Blog posts Coming:

-Habitrpg: 90% written
-A Month of Sobriety: 0%
-"If I Had a Heart" flash fiction: 100% written
-Wonderbook Wonderings Chapter 1: 100% written/published
-Wonderbook Wonderings Chapter 2: 90% written

Current Fiction Piece:
-The Long Awakening

Currently Reading (Fiction)

Currently Reading(Nonfiction)
-Kickass Writer by Chuck Wendig
-The Wonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer

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