Friday, March 2, 2012

Bloggin' bloggin' bloggin'...

Keep those blog posts comin'...Blog pooooosts!

Yeah. So I'm late. Maybe I'm blognant. Get it! Haha! Bad joke. Yeah, it's going to be one of those blog posts.

I don't know what those blog posts are. Somethin' somethin' somethin'.

I don't think my blog will ever attract many followers. I've looked at the popular blogs. They have BIG HOW-TO TITLES and short paragraphs with punchy underlined sub-titles, telling you how to write or how to get your writing published or what to write or writing prompts or other such things, how to do this or that, how to find peace in your life, achieve happiness, make money, save money, that, this or the other thing.

Popular blogs are focused on single topics, writing, cooking, programming, etc, while mine is all over the place. One post is about writing, one's about cooking, hell, in half of them I talk about three or four things at the same time. It's too random, too loose, disorganized. I write about things that I'm doing and such like that, not what other people should do. I talk about stuff I watch and read and am doing. Brewing, cooking, writing, bouncing, teaching, and whatever else I care to write about that I find interesting. So I don't expect to gather a large following, but oh well, it's something I've accepted. This blog is not going to make me rich and famous. I realized it long ago, cried a little, and have moved on.

Onwards and upwards.

I wrote 48,824 words in February. It's quite an accomplishment, nearly 50k in 29 days. I'm pretty pleased with it though I did lose, quite handily I might add, by my friend Nate who wrote over 52k. He wrote 6k last Saturday, I mean what the heck? Anyways, it was great motivation as my fantasy novel is nearly completed to the point where I'm happy with the ending, rather than after Nano where I was simply finished because I was over 50k. Now, the novel is about 105,000 words or so, which is pretty awesome, as far as I'm concerned. Just a few more pages and then it's back to editing, that act I love so much. After some editing, I'll probably release the full novel to close friends and family for their thoughts, then even more editing and then maybe publishing, the intended goal in the vast horizon.

But it's nice to not have to write every day, to output that much creativity daily is exhausting so it is nice to recharge my mind batteries for a week or so. There are a number of things I'd like to do in March. 1. Start a serial that I write weekly and get it up on Tuesday Serial, 2. Write a chapter on, 3. Write a chapter on, 4.  Participate in Friday Flash Friction, 5. Uhhh, I forget. I'm sure there were more, but at the moment I cannot get ahold of those thoughts. Ah well. Mainly, I want write some different shorter stuff rather than epic fantasy. I also want to get my name out there into the Writer Community...Whatever that is, exactly. I'm not sure. I think it's out there, somewhere, a vast multi-various formless mass of writers writing words and reading eachother's work and such like that. I will venture out in a spaceship of literature and see what I can find.

Anyways, who knows. I'll write some stuff. When I do, I will let you know. Also, I may not continue doing the Weekly Sunday Posts. It's up in the air at the moment. We'll see. I am out like an unlit candle.

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