Sunday, March 4, 2012

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

In case you didn't know, the title to this blog is a grammatically correct sentence in the English language. Don't believe me? Check wikipedia.( wiki:buffalo ) Cool, right? Don't ask me how it works. I don't know.

Anyways, it's super fun sunny-side up Sunday and instead of resting like I'm supposed to be doing, I'm writing. I figure I should probably try to make up for my super late last blogpost, so here I am, chugging coffee and watching Nicolas Cage on the television. (The Rock and National Treasure, if you're curious, both fantastic movies displaying Nic Cage's amazing acting talent.) Let's get to it.

I found some cool things on the internet. One of which is It is an Open Collaborative Production Company composed of writers, filmmakers, photographers, photo-shoppers, animators, artists, etc. The website is like a studio where you can put up your "RECords" and anyone else on the site can remix, illustrate, animate or do whatever with it. It was started by Joseph Gordonn-Levitt, whose been in films such as Inception, 500 Days of Summer, 50/50, and more. It is an incredibly cool idea, and one where people actually make money. If something you worked on becomes part of a collaboration which eventually makes money, then the proceeds are split 50/50 between the website and all of the contributors/creators. I cannot describe it anymore than that, really, it took me some time to understand it myself. All I can say is go there and watch the video on the home page. It's pretty much the coolest thing I have seen on the internet. It's a huge open collaborative space where many people work together on just about any artistic/creative project you can think of, with the influence and abilities of someone who has ties in the media industry and Hollywood. It blew my mind.

Know how I found it? Found Joseph Gordonn Levitt on twitter and clicked his website. Twitter has some cool stuff, you can follow people you're interested in. It's not as stupid and useless as it seems to be.

Anyways. I wrote stuff today! Woohoo!( Chasing a Bullet ) Check it out. Add a prequel or a sequel chapter, if you're feeling adventurous.

I've heard some folk like when I review stuff, like books and television and movies and such, so I'll try to do some more of that in the future.

So that's some stuff. Keep on keepin' on. Keep on truckin'. Truck on keepin'. That makes no sense.

I'll leave you on this note. Read, write, watch, listen and create. There's a whole lot of good stuff out there. Find some.

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