Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A blogpost a day keeps the sanity away.

In preparation for Nanowrimo, the month where I, along with hundreds of thousands of others, will attempt to write 50,000 words in the month of November, I have decided to write a blogpost every single day, starting yesterday, until the end of October. Man, that is quite the beginning sentence. Kind of a slog to get through that one, but oh well, it's written.

Because these posts will be prep for Nano, I will edit them very little. They may go off-topic, or wade into ridiculous topics and side-rants. Who knows. The point is to put words on the screen. Quantity, not quality. Feel free to skim the posts to see if anything is funny, useful, or interesting. Mileage may vary.

So. One post a day. Not bad, right? I didn't even set a minimum length. It will be a breeze, a piece of cake. What makes a piece of cake so easy, anyways? Or pie? Easy as pie. Is pie really that easy? If so, why have I never made one? If pie is so easy, why do we pay so much to buy one?

Regardless. My journey has begun. It actually began yesterday, with my post about being Bored. I guess I just dislike hearing that parents buy their kids electronic devices just so they won't be 'bored'. Being 'bored' is part of growing up. Ehh, no need to rehash what I said yesterday.

What am I going to write about in these blogposts, you might ask? Who knows? Whatever comes across my mind. Whatever's goin' on up in the ol' mind-noggin. Random snippets of flash fiction? Perhaps. Random rants about how spoiled kids are these days because I'm an old man? Probably. Whatever catches my whimsy.

Word-vomit. That's a great phrase and is particularly keen in regards to NanoWrimo. I'm going to need to spew out word-vomit on a daily basis. MmmMmm good.

So that's the deal. A post a day until November starts and then it's off to the races. If I don't do it, I'll buy you, my reader, a beer if you call me out on it. If I do complete this, then you owe me a beer. It's only fair, right? Right. Makes sense to me.

I'm out. Check back in tomorrow.

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