Monday, October 28, 2013


I'm pumped because in half an hour I'm going to see a smorgasbord of pumpkins. Pumpkins of every shape and size, with everything you can think carved into their faces. Angry pumpkins, happy pumpkins, silly pumpkins, gross pumpkins, pumpkins eating other pumpkins, lining walkways and trees, stretching up into the sky. Pumpkins meticulously carved with precision, showing scenes and characters from movies.

There's a jack-o-lantern extravaganza in rhode island with thousands and thousands of pumpkins. It's ridiculous and awesome. I've been before and it's always an amazing sight. You walk through a zoo at night with pumpkins lining the walk, depicting various things depending on the years theme. I just checked. 5000 pumpkins. Yeah. That's a ton of jack o lanterns. It is the coolest thing to see near Halloween.

I mean, just look at that! It's crazy! It's insane! It's awesome!

Jack-o-lanterns are pretty strange things, if you think about it. Did someone just notice, after scooping out the insides of a pumpkin for food or something, that it looked like a head? And they were like, hey maybe it'd be funny if I carved a face into it. La-de-da, a tradition is born?

I went to wikipedia for answers and the first thing I learned is that a Jack O Lantern doesn't have to be a pumpkin! What baloney is this? Not a pumpkin, that's absurd. But true. Apparently, it can also be a carved turnip or beet. Who knew! Not me.

Carving jack o lanterns is a pretty great tradition. It's a time where anyone can make a cool piece of art, that glows and looks creepy. You always feel pretty good after making one, it's just fun to pull out goopy innards with your hands, and stab the skin with a knife. It feels good to carve out a face on a pumpkin, I'm not sure why. Something satisfying about being able to stab something. Uh, well, let's move on.

PUMPKINS! JACK O LANTERNS! I will return with many pictures!

Also, this is a pretty lame blog post, I know, but it's what you get. November is coming.

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