Thursday, October 24, 2013

Worst Idea

This was the worst idea ever. I do not want to write any more posts. I'm posted out. I'm tired. I don't feel like writing, especially when I can't really come up with anything terribly compelling to write about! But I said I would, so I'm going to try. I mean, fuck it, I'm a writer aren't I? And I'm complaining about having to write too much? That's some weak-ass bullshit right there.

So here we go. Gotta write something.

I guess I'll write about my novel. I wrote a novel during National Novel Writing Month two or three years ago. I then spent the next year going through and editing it. I then sent it to a select few and received suggestions. I spent another year editing and have sent it out again. I feel like it is very close, though I have heard a few things that make me disappointed in myself, for not having caught it, or knowing those places needed improvement but glossing over them.

The novel, Blood and Ashes is the first of a fantasy series set in a world where practicing magic is unlawful and punishable by death. Using magic has to do with creating a connection to another world, full of power, taking that power and manipulating it with your will. Usually, it is a conscious decision but there are a special few inborn with a connection. For them, it is not a choice to use magic, it will happen, over and over. These are called "mageborn" and are hunted throughout the land. They are killed or captured, and if captured, transformed through a gruesome ritual into a hyper-violent soldier. Into this world come three mageborn into a central city, unknowing of their power. Blood and Ashes is their tale of escape and realization, a frantic fight for their lives, and the webs others have woven for them.

It still needs work, unfortunately. I have considered hiring a professional editor but, considering the length of the work, that would cost hundreds of dollars and is simply not something I can afford at the moment. I'll do what I can, and I think it is close to being a finished product. Then comes the publishing question.

Do I go the traditional route, writing a query letter and trying to sell agents/publishers on my story in a few hundred words? Where I will not hear back for months, or perhaps at all, only sending to more and more? Or the other route, self-publishing(I like the term 'Author-publisher, coined by Chuck Wendig), where the market is over-stuffed with authors all selling themselves and their stories to readers?

I don't know. This November, I'm unsure whether to write the sequel or work on a few other projects I'm mulling around in my mind. I will just have to figure something out.

Anyways, that's a little bit about a project I've been working on for years. Will it actually become a product of some kind? Yes. Eventually.

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